We carry it all. Rusty Metal Deck by The Myers Group has just about every available type of Architectural Metal Panel and Structural Metal Deck type you can think of.  Rusty cold rolled steel, painted colors, galvanized, primed, aluminum, stainless steel, A-606 aka Corten, perforated, acoustical, insulated, concrete form-lok, cellular and fiberglass - from 9/16" deep to 12" deep.

Whenever you have a job to be quoted, just email with the Architectural and Structural plans and we will do our free take-off and quote, including Detailing and shop drawings and email back to you according to your schedule.  Or, just give us a call to discuss anything you need.    We will not be satisfied until you are!   

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Shallow Vercor, a Cold Rolled Steel option that rusts naturally over time, for wall décor or as a roof panel.

CEE & ZEE Purlins, Wall Girts, Hats & Channels in Red Oxide primer, Galvanized or plain bare steel black. Here is a set of "Super Purlins."

Need a few short pieces of whatever panel you have planned?   Roof or floor infill or repairs, wall panels, decorative wall or fences made from mixed pieces, we have them.

Galvanized 20ga. B-30" perforated to 21% open pattern.

7/8" Corrugated panel in Cold Rolled Steel for the Unique Rusty finish.

Galvalume finish on the left panel, Galvanized finish on 20ga. HSB-36 G-60, 20ga. 1 5/16"
Deep Vercor in G-90 (with a thicker layer of Galvanizing) and 9/16" Shallow Vercor for roof, wall or also used for concrete floors, décor panels or canopy covers.

Here is a bundle of 7/8" Corrugated G60 Galvanized that is perforated, used as wall decor panel, shade structure cover or screen wall. 

PBR panels of various gauges & colors

Grand Rib 3 panels of various gauges & colors. 

Buildings can be covered with painted metal panels

12" wide 3" deep Metal wall panels.

Corrugated panel painted

24ga. 7/8" corrugated panel painted the very popular AZP RAW "Rusty" color - No rust stains from drips onto concrete walkways.  Great as a décor roof, wall panel or canopy cover.


Our Products

Available in rusty Cold Rolled Steel or Pre-painted, Galvalume or Galvanized.  Any type of Structural deck, Architectural panels, CEE and ZEE Purlins, channel, hats, flashing, trim, color matching screws.

You need it, we’ll get it!

20ga. HSB-36 G-60 Galvanized and Primed finish.

20ga. B-30” Nestable G-60 Galv. and Cold Rolled Steel and fully perforated!

20ga. B-36 Form-Lok G-60 Galvanized - for concrete use.

20ga. B-30 Myers Weathering Deck Cold Rolled Steel Bare - for natural rusting.

18ga. and 20ga. W-2-36 Form-Lok G-60 Galvanized - for concrete use.

18ga. W-3-36 Form-Lok G-60 Galvanized - for concrete use.

18ga. and 20ga. N-24 (3” deep) G-60 Galv. and Primed.

22ga. 9/16” Shallow Vercor G-90 Galvanized.

20ga. 9/16” "Myers Weathering Deck Original" for natural rusting.

20ga. 1 5/16” Deep Vercor G-90 Galvanized.

22ga. and 24ga. 7/8” Corrugated in 32” and 34” and 36" coverage.

Heavier 16ga. available in most Structural panels if needed.