The Myers Group
Metal Deck
520 S 52nd St., Suite 210
Tempe, AZ 85281

tel: 480-835-9243

We will always make sure the way the business runs is still,
The Myers Group way!

As always, we carry the most popular types of deck, but now with a larger warehouse we will be able to stock 33’ panels or larger if you need. We will stock 18ga. W-3 G-60, 20ga. N-deck Galv., 20ga. W-2 G-60, 20ga. B Galv.  20ga. B prime.

Please check with us on anything else you need and we will either have it or we will track it down for you. Purlins, screws, end caps, perforated deck, corrugated deck, Rusty Deck (our specialty), Standing Seam, Structural and Architectural.